Tuesday, September 4, 2012

WOYWW 170- Floral Cards in Red and Blue

Hi Dreamers!
Time for another look at work areas around the world with Julia over at the Stamping Ground.  This was actually my work table late Tuesday.  I was working on some Design Team projects.  So, be prepared, this table is really messy......

One of the cards is finished (upper left) and the blue floral card is still in pieces.  I am trying to work out the ribbon here.    My table liner paper is in shreds.  I did change it after picking up a bit and putting everything away.  I should have take a photo of that...all nice and clean.  Well, it is too late now.  My work desk is all filled up again with another project.   Here is a little closer look below.

I did get both cards finished and posted to my blog.   You can see what I ended up doing with the wide, dark green wired ribbon.    Well, I am off to visit a few of the other work spaces now.  I hope you are having a great day!!  Love ya.


  1. Your over head shot is better than mine...being about midnight went I took it! Not too messy, just right!
    The rock on card is for a GDT card due any time now for Thursday, I'll link to the freebie papers on that post HApPy WoYwW #14
    ((Hugs Lyn))

  2. So were you teetering on a chair to get that shot or hanging from the lampshade Karen? :D
    Your desk looks crammed with creativity!
    Have a great week ~ enjoy!
    Happy WOYWW Neesie #13

  3. How do you manage to keep up with two blogs?? But I am in awe of your cutting skills :) Lovely florals.

    Mary Anne (29)

  4. I love busy desks, shows creativity in mid flow, lol

    hugs Lou p #83

  5. Looks great! Love the way those cards turned out!

    Katie (37)

  6. Such a nice, busy desk! love those floral cards.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  7. Love the colors used on your cards!
    Mika #146

  8. Looks fab and lots of pretty stuff going on with those stamps. Take care Zo xx 98

  9. Ooo lovelybusy desk to look at. That stamp is lovely.

  10. Your desk looks pretty creative !! x

  11. Lovely work space! Not messy at all as far as I'm concerned!!!
    You said my tacky glue storage was interesting. I'll tell you, nothing makes me angrier than needing glue for a project and having to wait to get the glue out! You shake it, squeeze it, and nothing comes out. It probably only saves 5 seconds, but in my mind, it is the perfect soloution!!!
    Thanks for visiting me!
    xxDaniella #19

  12. Hey Karen... it may be messy, but your desk looks so creatively inspirational! Gorgeous stamp, and I really love it in blue. Off to check out your post with the finished cards. Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  13. I love it when my desk looks like yours! It means there's lots of creating going on!!

    Amy E. #36

  14. Very busy desk. Love it, it's means there are tons of creations there. Nice!!! ;)

  15. What a great shot of your desk! I love the colors -- your card reminds me of this time of year; aspen tree leaves turning. Crisp cool mornings.

    Thanks for visiting me already. I'll be visiting desks all week long!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #15

  16. love the colours that you are using. Is that real book page or pp that you are using?
    thanks for popping by earlier
    caroline #14

  17. Like how your desk look like, looks busy and creativ - like the colours.
    Happy belated WOYWW BarbaraBee '148


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