Friday, June 10, 2011

Where oh Where have my Followers Gone?

There are gone again.  My Followers, I mean.  I sent in a message to Goggle.  Haven't heard back yet for this current disappearance of my Followers.  Any one else have any ideas?  Leave a comment if you do.  I have loaded a new browser and that worked for one day.


  1. No idea's as to where they've gone, but it's happened to me a few times....eventually they come back...if that's any consolation. Hugs lin

  2. Hi Karen, they will come back it also happen to me and a few others........:) Sandra H

  3. Okay, for what it's worth. I started commenting from my Google Reader and found out a couple of things. First the reader showed I had 1000+ to read. LOLOL I soon found that it was not giving me credit for reading them from just my Dashboard and wondered if the system had me on overload until it dumped or something. So I have been doing it from my reader and everything was back this am after 2 days. Also I cleaned out followers who no longer were doing their blogs but hadn't deleted them. Just a thought. BTW, quick access to the reader is at the bottom of your dashboard area under resources. Let me know what happens if you decide to do it.

  4. Not sure why it's happening but blogger is doing some strange things at the moment. I'm still following and being shown as following so hope everything settles down for you soon.
    Hugs Mrs A.


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