Saturday, June 29, 2019

Happy Hello

Hello Friends,
So glad you stopped by and I like to welcome you with a "Happy Hello".

This stamp is from Stampin Up (retired) and was stamped with blue ink.  I added lots of layers,  a ribbon embellishment and three metal dots.

To make this ribbon embellishment: Cut a length of ribbon and sew long stitches down the center.  Pull the stitches to pleat the ribbon.  Glue to the card with Fabri-tack glue.  Cut a second length of ribbon.  Sew long stitches along one edge of ribbon.  Pull the thread to tightly gather the ribbon into a round shape.  Knot the thread tightly.  Glue to the card and add a third piece of ribbon tied in a knot.

This card is now in my send out box.  So, it will go out to someone....

See you next time!!

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