Friday, May 25, 2012

May Flowers in My Garden

Hi Dreamers!!
This is what my garden looked like when I returned from my vacation in Florida.  What a lovely welcome home!!!  Now, I did have to spend a few hours weeding too.  Because just as the flowers went crazy, so did the weeds.  LOL     I hope you will enjoy this stroll through my garden.

I will be back with more card making fun tomorrow!!!  See you then.  Have a splendid day!!  Love ya.


  1. Hi Karen, Oh so colourful it takes ages for my garden to colour something to do with the sea air :)x

  2. Beautiful - love the peonies and the poppies. Shame about the weeds but it must have lovely to be out among those blooms:) Elizabeth x

  3. Oh your garden is so beautiful envious of all the coloured flowers.

  4. I see we have similar taste in flowers. ;) I love your peonies, and especially those poppies - all of 'em! I NEED some poppies. I'll get to it eventually. :)

    So nice of you to drop by my photo blog and leave such a nice comment, Karen. :) Made my day!


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