Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday for January

Hello Everyone!
Hope everyone is doing well!  I have been busy taking care of household things, but today I am back with a fun post.  I am participating in Bibiana's Throwback Thursday!  See all the details on Stamping with Bibiana.  You can link up through Feb 12.
I selected a card made for Valentine's Day made with Stampsmith Stamps.

I did take some new photos of the card.  You can check out  the original post from January 2011.  Love these fun Lucy stamps!

I stamped on white glossy paper and added distress inks.  I Hand Cut the hearts--oh my!  I hand cut and did not use a die.  Well, this was made in 2011.  LOL.  I added some glitter glue around the edge of the heart.  

What a blast from the past!   I still have this card in my design team projects box.  Maybe I should send it to someone!
Hope you are  having a great day!!  I will be back tomorrow with more of my vintage lady cards.  And, I have some Lost Coast Design projects too.  See you then.  Love ya.


  1. Oh wow that's a face from the past!! Fabulous is your card Karen x

  2. hello karen
    I apologize for coming here this late...but I have being sick...recuperating...
    Thank you for joining me at my TBT challenge again! It is a pleasure to see your creations. and indeed better photo more colorful for your new post! your card is fabulous and I wish you good luck. Thanks again for the great support.
    Hugs from California

  3. I have a weakness for photo realistic stamps so Lucy is right up my street! Lovely card too.

  4. Very pretty card!! Greetings from Costa Rica.


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