Saturday, July 22, 2023

Fairytale Wedding Card

 Hello Everyone!

Today, I would like to share a wedding second card I made using elements from the invitations.  The cards were made for my bff, Sandie. And it was her idea to use the bits and pieces from the invitations.  See the first card here.  

Take a look at the card.

The shower invite had a castle and a fairytale theme.  So, I did just happen to have a cute castle stamp and die from My Favorite Things Stamps.  The wedding invite had printed flowers on a woodgrain paper. The flowers were blue and white.  I reproduced the look with a Stampin' Up stamp and die. The bottom corner of the wedding invite had a printed doily.  To reproduce that look I added a paper doily accented with a beaded bridal trim.

I also added bridal tulle and some single pearls on left side of the card.

Inside of the card. Another group of flowers and a fairytale theme sentiment were added to the inside. 

The wedding is in two weeks.  Hopefully the bride and groom will love the personalized wedding card.

See you again soon!!


Saturday, July 15, 2023

Butterfly Wedding Card

 Hello Everyone!

I am back after a pretty long break.  I had to get a new laptop and then needed new photo editing software. Not liking the software as much as the older version. Doesn't seem to correct the color of the background as well and the light levels are harder to adjust.  Sad.

But here I am back with a butterfly wedding card. I have made a couple wedding cards this summer and my bff, Sandie, asked me to use elements from the invitations on the wedding card.  I have to say I love the idea and made a second card for a second wedding Sandie is attending this month.  I will also post the second card in the next post.

Take a look at the card and I will explain what elements from the invitations I used and how they were used. 

The background of the card (the small floral print) was the paper the invitation was printed on.  The information was on the back of this paper.  The wax seal was on the original invite and I used it here as a lovely embellishment.  I incorporated the same colors into this card as were used on the invites. The butterfly theme was used in the shower invite.  The bride had included a paper butterfly studded with wildflower seeds.  

I retained the arch on the top of the printed paper and extenuated it with the die cut leaf sprays. 


This is what the inside looks like.  I used a small strip of the paper from the invite on the inside too.

The wedding was two weeks ago. The bride and groom loved the card and picked up on the fact that I used elements from the invites.  So, a success all around!!  
Check back for the next post which will showcase the second wedding card I made using elements from the invites.
Hope you are having a great day!!  See you next time.