Thursday, August 29, 2019

Asian Inspired Watercolors

Hello Everyone,
I am back after a little break.  Oh, how funny.... Pardon my pun...... I had a bad fall and broke my ankle---duh.  Sooo, I am not very mobile right now.  But, I am feeling a bit better now.  Thought I would get back to the blog and share some artwork I made before I fell.  Since I am stuck on the couch, I haven't been able to make anything lately.  Fortunately, I have plenty of cards to share!!

In fact, I decided to have a month of Washi tape!!   I will continue to post washi tape projects all thru September.

I wanted to start off with this Asian inspired stamped projects.  I used watercolor pencils on the projects.  I really liked the way the pencils blended.  I did not use any water on the coloring.   I concentrated on blending the colors just using the pencils.  I had picked up some Aqua Blend pencils by Spectrum Noir and wanted to see how they would blend.  Check it out.

I used blue and purple pencils to color the kimono on this project.  I also add some glitter.  The backgrounds are covered with strips of washi tape.

I also made a red version.  Red and orange pencils were used here.

I am happy to back and blogging!!  So glad you stopped by today.  See you soon with more projects.  Next time, I will share some washi tape cards.  See you then!!

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