Sunday, August 16, 2020

Robots on the Loose!

 Hello Everyone,

Robots are on the loose!  On my cards anyways.  LOL  Here are some fun cards for kids I made with a package of 3-D stickers (from the dollar store).  The colors were so bright and cheerful that I could not resist them.  

I used a multi-paper layout for the background.  

On the card below, I typed out the sentiment and printed on white cardstock.  Just cut it by hand. 

Again, this sentiment was typed up on the computer.

So, just a great bunch of cards for kids to receive on their birthday.  And a nice way to use those 3-D stickers I know you have in your stash.  Smile   I have gifted some of these to friends who have lots of nieces and nephews.  And,  I kept a few for myself.  

So happy you stopped by today.  See you again soon.


Having a little trouble with the new blogger formatting.  It keeps double spacing and I can't center the photos.  Never had this problem with the "old" blogger.  

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  1. Aww how cute are your cards with the adorable images brilliant for children’s birthdays ...give it a bit of time l use the centre button l had trouble trying to do it the new way it made my card smaller xx


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