Friday, December 14, 2018

Ribbon Christmas tree

Hello Everyone,
Back today with another Christmas card.  This card was made with ribbon scraps.  Here is how I used the ribbon scraps to make this project.

  • I collected a huge pile of ribbon scraps:  all lengths, widths, and colors.
  • Press a piece of cotton fabric nice and flat; I used muslin.
  • Lay out the muslin on a heat proof surface: I used my ironing board.
  • On top of the muslin, lay a sheet of Stitch Witchery Fusible bonding web 
  • Place all the ribbon scraps on top of the Stitch Witchery, butting the ribbons together, completely covering the muslin. 
  • Use a press cloth and fuse the layers together with an iron.

  • Now you have a piece of ribbon fabric
  • Cut triangles from the ribbon fabric and use them for the trees.
  • I added a piece of brown twill ribbon for the tree truck
  • Glue to CS with Fabric Tac glue

I made a few cards with a colored background too.

Super way to use all those ribbon pieces that you can't bear to toss in the trash.
I also think you could cut circles from the ribbon fabric and make an ornament.

Thanks for stopping by.  Next post I will have a few more versions of my ribbon tree cards.  Have a great day.

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