Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Patchwork Blankets

Hello Everyone!
A bit of change up today!  I wanted to share the photos of three patchwork blankets I made using Polar Fleece scraps.  I did quite a bit of sewing this winter making warm and cozy jackets out of the fleece.  I had all these pieces left over ---I certainly could not waste those!!  Here are the results.

This is the smallest of the blankets - about 36 inches square.

This blanket is about 40" x 60" and I used all the blue pieces I had.

This blanket is 60" x 70" and uses grays, blacks, and blues.

The blankets have Polar Fleece backing too.  So they are double thick and plenty warm!  Because the fabric is knit and stretches, the piecing was very forgiving and I did not worry over much about accuracy.  Actually, I really enjoyed the process.  I haven't done much quilting/piecework in a while and I feel inspired to make a few more things. 
I will be back next time with more cards!!  Hope your day is super!!

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  1. Ooh wow Karen they are amazing l love the colours you used x


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