Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Wreath

Hello Dreamers,
Been busy here working on Holiday preparations.  I am hosting Christmas dinner.  I just about have the menu planned.  I am not sure what dessert I will make.  Something gooey and chocolaty I think.  Well, on to some  crafty topics.
I have been making crocheted scarves for gifts.  Have seven made so far.
Also made a holiday wreath.   Which is the subject of today's post.

I purchased a grapevine wreath, and cut the evergreen from trees in my yard.  I had the ribbon in my stash.  Take a look.  (Made that Santa years ago.)

The evergreens were wired on and the bow hot glued.  The wreath is hung in my front foyer.  Such a nice cheery welcome for guests.
Next time, I will be back with more one layer Christmas cards.  Soooo, see you then.  Hope you are having a great day!!  Love ya.


  1. Karen, that wreath is beautiful!! Have a great holiday - Merry Christmas

  2. 7 crocheted scarves? Wow! And a wreath... sounds like you've got everything under control for Christmas!

  3. So beautiful as always is your creeations....sending lots of Christmas Wishes take care xx


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