Saturday, August 31, 2013

Garage Sale Finds!

Hi Dreamers!
I thought it would be fun to share photos of my garage sale finds.  I had a blast running around to a bunch of sales on two different days.  I found lots of books and china.  Here are a few photos.

Norman Rockwell Plates

Hand Painted jar with lid

Crystal Vase and Pitcher

The plates and Creamer below were all painted by a local artist, Helen Damian.  Her family was sharing some of her work.  I was happy to take home all these pieces.  They are so gorgeous.  

I also picked up some great craft books, a set of everyday dishes, a vintage mini stove called an Oven Queen.  I think that is from  the 1930's.  They were used to set over an open fire.  I did not photograph the stove  yet.  I wanted to clean it up a bit first.   I was hoping to find some craft supplies, but no luck there.  I had fun and picked up some great china pieces.  Hope you enjoyed!  See you tomorrow for the new Stampsmith September Challenge.  Love ya.

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